First of all: Where are you located?

That is a VERY good question! The physical address of the studio is: 9736 South Virginia Street, Suite E, South Reno 89511, but we are off the immediate roadway of Virginia Street. We are conveniently located off US 395, north of the South Meadows Parkway WINCO grocery store and Nu Yalk Pizza in the Foothill Commerce Center (FCC). Turn at the So. Meadows MARKETPLACE signal light. Turn left to the entrance road to the FCC, we are the second building in on the right hand side, near the middle. Look for our brightly colored curtains in the windows and silver dancer in a top hat on our entrance door.

What classes do you offer?

(In alphabetical order)

Aerial Silks, Ballet, Contemporary, Funk, Hip Hop, Leaps & Turns, Jazz, Lyrical, Modern, Musical Theater, Parkour, Pointe, Sassy Jazz, Stretch & Conditioning, and Tap.

We specialize in Children’s classes: Happy Feet (Ballet/Jazz/Tap combo), Hippity Hop, Pixie Ballet, and Tap/Jazz combo.

Adult classes: Aerial Silks, Meet Me at the Barre Workout, and Tap for Fun & Exercise. 

We are proud to be the only dance studio in Northen Nevada that offers a Special Needs/Developmentally Delayed dance program (since 2006). 

(See CLASS DESCRIPTIONS for more details.)

How many students are needed to open up a class?

Five or more registered students are needed. If you are interested in a class/time that is not on the schedule and you have five dancers that wish it was, let us know, we will be happy to see if we can accommodate your request.

Am I allowed to watch my child in class?

All our dance rooms have large observation windows. You are welcome to watch your child dance! (And you are welcome to run errands – just be sure to pick them up on time.)

What is the age range and experience necessary to participate in your program?

We offer classes for students ranging from age 3-Adult (no age limit), in all levels from beginner to advanced, including classes for “Fun & Exercise.” We welcome the inexperienced dancer interested in exploring dance for the first time, as well as accomplished dancers already focused on a particular discipline, and professionals.

How do I know which level my child should be placed?

Aside from beginning and “Fun & Exercise” classes, all other levels will be determined individually by the teacher. Every studio has their own development plan and it is our goal to provide the most appropriate level of instruction for the progression in style, technique, and skill for every individual, in every class. Please trust our professional teachers to place your child appropriately.

How do I pay tuition?

Monthly tuition is due the first class of each month. To keep our rates down, we do NOT send monthly bills. Our tuition is designed to make multiple classes (as an individual or as a family) more affordable, meaning that with every additional class taken, the rate goes down accordingly. Pro-rating of classes can only be done once, with staff approval, if the first class is taken at the middle or the end of the initial month. There is an annual $30.00 registration fee, topping off at $80.00 for more than two family members.

What forms of payment are accepted?

Type of payment accepted: check, cash, or credit card (+ 3% convenience fee). We offer the convenience of automatic monthly credit card payments (stop by the office for more information). Checks should be made out to Kia’s FR Dance or Fascinating Rhythm. Any returned checks will result in an additional $20.00 charge. Tuition is not refundable unless we cancel a class that has been pre-paid.

What if my child misses a class?

Students are responsible to make-up missed classes within one month or they are lost! Missed classes are non-transferable as tuition credit; however, styles of dance are interchangeable for make-ups. Students may not “bounce” from monthly tuition to drop-in rate due to illness or personal scheduling conflicts; your tuition guarantees that spot in class for your child whether or not they attend. Classes closed due to inclement weather can be made up within the semester.

What about holidays?

We have figured holidays and 5-week months into our regular tuition, therefore, there are no credits for holiday closures and there are no additional charges for long months.

What happens when there is inclement weather?

We follow the safety advice of the WCSD – if schools are closed due to inclement weather, so are we. Even if it clears up in the afternoon… it is likely to be icy later on. “Better safe than sorry.” This way we have a consistent policy for bad weather. Missed classes due to the weather can be made up during the semester.

What type of commitment is expected?

Although tuition is based on monthly classes, we run our dance program following the current August to June school year. For your child to get the best training, attending classes in this time frame will assure a consistent development in their dance-ability. Commitment to class is in your child’s best interest but is only mandatory if/when your child chooses to perform in any of our recitals/showcases.

What if we have to drop?

If you choose to leave the studio for any reason, you must fill out a drop form and cancel your place in the class. If you leave mid-month, please be aware that there are no refunds for tuition paid. Without a drop form, tuition will be charged for an additional month of classes while we determine your status; if thus charged, these classes cannot be made up. No credits or refunds.

Is there a dress code?

Only for Ballet:  Ballet Uniform Guide

All other classes: proper dancewear or exercise clothes. Any color, any style! And, of course, proper dance shoes for the style of dance you are taking. NO: oversized clothing (teachers need to see your body to correct posture and technique), jeans, or “street clothes” (exception: hip hop class). No necklaces, hoop earrings, or large jewelry. Hair must be pulled back out of the face.

Do you have recitals?

Yes! Our big June recital, held at the Carson City Community Theater, gives students the chance to display what they have learned throughout the year. Although not mandatory, we do encourage all students to participate in the June showcase. Additionally, we have an early-year musical before the holidays; all audition-ers will be cast in this popular series of original musicals, which will perform on a local stage. Also there is a mid-year winter showcase, held as a casual open house setting at the studio.

*There are additional fees for the performances and costumes, with the exception of the winter showcase.

Why is there a performance fee?

Theaters charge a large amount of money to hold a performance in their facility. The benefit of a child performing on a real stage (as opposed to in the classroom) is immeasurable. It is an experience like no other!

Will I be required to purchase costumes?

Yes – if you plan on performing in the annual June showcase. Costumes are ordered from various professional costume companies and a $30.00 deposit is required. This deposit is non-refundable; the balance of the costume fees is due when the costumes arrive. (Yes, you will own the costumes after it is all said and done.) We try to costume our mid-year holiday show as economically as possible. If we can, we use studio costumes and charge a small cleaning fee; if not, we do our best to keep costs to an absolute minimum.

How or where do I get updates on studio happenings?

Email is the fastest most efficient way to reach everyone with the touch of a button. Please be sure to write your email address clearly for communication. We NEVER share your email information with outside sources! If you do not have email, you are responsible for looking for posted notices and asking for hard copies of our announcements.

How do I register (my child) for classes?

 You may download the registration form online and mail, email or drop it by in person. You may also register by phone at (775) 425-3222. Please feel free to contact us anytime. There is an annual registration fee of $30.00 per student, up to $80.00 per family.


Q: My child was in the same class as Sarah last season, but did not move up to a higher level like Sarah did. Why not?

A: As in any kind of education, every student learns at different rates… for some, math (English/history) is easy while others in the identical class struggle; it is the same with dance. Our brains and bodies are “wired” individually. Trust the teachers – they know the upcoming curriculum for their specific classes and they know how to guide each student appropriately for their age, personality, and abilities. Also, some students take many dance classes a week which will help them progress much faster than those students that only take the recreational one or two classes a week. (See CLASS PLACEMENT for details.)

Q: My child has been in the same class for two years, why is she/he not moving up in level?

A: In addition to what was mentioned above, the advancement of dance levels is often not accomplished in simply one year of lessons; training in the art of dance is much more intricate and complicated than moving up in levels via a yearly time frame or by age. Specific skills must be mastered to move up to the next level, and it could be different with different styles of dance. (See CLASS PLACEMENT for details.)