2020 Studio Rental Agreement

›› Kia’s FR Dance has three different sized studios, covering nearly all needs. All our studios have sprung wood floors designed specifically for dance and exercise, 27-foot high ceilings, mirrors along one side, observation windows along the other (with curtains that can be drawn for privacy), portable ballet barres (sized for both children and adults), and full sound systems (with remotes).  There is a large general dressing room (with a locking door and mirrors), two bathrooms, and a drinking fountain. The entire facility is wheelchair accessible.

In addition to our popular children’s birthday parties, the studio has been rented for a variety of reasons: for outside classes (such as TaeKwonDo and Yoga), as a rehearsal space for outside dance/production companies, as an event center, as a recording studio, for adult birthday parties, and even a wedding, to name a few.

›› The entire facility is NON-SMOKING. If any smoking is discovered within the building, there is a non-refundable additional charge of $250.00.

›› There is a refundable cleaning deposit of $60.00, and only will be returned in full if NO cleaning at all is required by the janitorial staff.

›› Renters must have their own liability insurance and must provide the office with proof of insurance.

›› Discounted rates are available for regularly scheduled use, and a contract must be signed to secure the day and time: 3 months – 15%; 6 months – 20%; 9 months – 25%; 12 months – 35%.


›› Yellow Studio:
22’ (D) x 25’ (W)
$20.00 per hour

›› Red Studio:
32’ (D) x 40’ (W)
$35.00 per hour

›› Blue Studio:
32’ (D) x 45’ (W)
$40.00 per hour

This room has a large bay door which can be used for loading in equipment, tables/chairs, props, and more.