It is my belief that all children initially come to us as pure, faultless young beings whose angel wings of innocence are then either groomed or clipped by various surroundings, inputs, reactions, and environments, whether it be at home, a friend’s house, school, or simply by listening to the radio, watching television, playing video games, and so on.

One of Fascinating Rhythm’s most heartfelt goals is to be one of the GROOMING places for children’s wings and that here they are positively influenced by the skills, expression, and discipline found in dance, song, and theatre.

Adults also need a stress-free place to be and I hope that both adult dancers and parents find themselves included in my aspirations for the studio! (After all, adults are just grown-up kids, right?!)

XO, Kia

P.S. We know that excellent technique can be FUN to learn!

P.S.S. The happy, funky, and whimsical atmosphere of the studio is designed to inspire the imagination and generate creativity with a smile!

This is the blurb that can be found in the front of every teacher’s binder:

Never underestimate your influence on a student!” Both in and out of the studio… Both positively and negatively…  We are all in a most incredible position to influence so many through the medium of dance! Don’t take your significane and impact on students for granted. What you say and how you say it matters! 

I am often told how refreshingly encouraging FR’s teachers are and I am very proud of that somment.

Let’s face it, MOST students will not dance professionally, but use dance as their extracurricular activity.

Also, do not play “favorites” – admittedly, we all may have a favorite dancer or two to work with, but do not be dismissive of others. 

Be Positive!

With Thanks and Great Appreciation,